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Well, mage-friends, this is a pretty substantial day for Fictorum and Scraping Bottom Games; Fictorum has just hit version 1.0 and we are sending out copies to the press today. Additionally, we have officially set our release date for August 9th.

Fictorum v1.0

It has taken us two and a half years, but we’ve gotten Fictorum to a finished state. We are so thankful for our family, friends, and the gaming community who have helped us along this incredible journey.

Fictorum Box Art

If you’re interested in a press copy of our game, check out our page on!

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The tutorial has been enhanced to provide more information about spells, abilities, runes, and enchanting
  • A prompt to begin the tutorial will appear prior to starting a new game if the player has never completed the tutorial
  • New sound effects have been added to the game
  • Gioch will now have a target house to destroy
  • “{Name’s}” will no longer appear in events
  • The WinterTown map will properly set for quests
  • Player reflection shields will no longer affect targeting
  • Weather toggling within taverns and castles has been improved
  • Lightning Stream doing almost no damage
  • All Kickstarter backer NPCs have been added to events
  • Spell tooltips are more concise


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer Twitch stream on 7/25 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

Talk to you next time! Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think—Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter below:

We post more fun stuff on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, reddit, and Discord. We’d love to connect with you on any of those platforms!

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