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Monthly Archives: December 2015

As we march towards Alpha, more upgrades and tweaks will need to be done.  We have a critical goal: to complete a gameplay video by next week’s update. We were contacted by the mods of to do a community spotlight post, and we want a quality video for it that accurately shows how Fictorum plays and feels. Read More »

It’s been a very productive week for Scraping Bottom Games, and we have gotten even more than we expected done! We have implemented basic audio, added a new feature called the Aegis, and continued work on some 3D assets. Read More »

It’s been an exciting week for Scraping Bottom Games, though it has been a little tricky to get work done due to temporarily losing a developer this month to another hobby. Despite this setback, we’ve gotten some good work done this week and have some really fun things to show off, like our spell shaping system and general enhancements to AI, animations, and destruction performance.

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We’re now entering into December and celebrating eight months of development! With the new month, we’re as focused as ever toward getting our game to a more presentable, playable state. We have new, highly destructive spells, level environments, and our item generation system to show you.

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