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Happy Holidays to all, we’re still working away on version 1.1 of Fictorum and wanted to share some of the things we’re up to.  Fictorum is also currently for sale on Steam for 25% off until January 4th!

Happy Holidays!

What’s a Fictorum blog without us destroying something? Today, we’re using the classic Christmas tree spell with chain reaction and spread runes to… uhh… spread… a little holiday cheer. We hope you have a lovely holiday and a safe and peaceful New Year.

Preview of v1.1 Major Changes

Better Performance

Fictorum is now running quite well on Unreal Engine 4.18.  Our last release was on UE 4.15 and we’ve had difficulties getting to the latest Unreal Engine. This upgrade has caused most of our delays, but it’s been worth it—it comes with new tools and several performance improvements.  Along with that, we’ve optimized some of the code we’ve written enhance performance even further.

Better AI

Archers should no longer find cliff faces so enticing to stand next to, and enemies won’t all pursue you on the same path.  Here’s a quick gif with the upgraded AI in practice.

New Camera Options

Many have requested changing the camera to the right side, which we’ve implemented. We’re also working on getting our over-the-shoulder camera looking and performing better as well as maintaining third-person within houses. Of course, there will still be the option to enter first-person, should you choose.

Holiday Sale

You can find Fictorum for 25% currently on the Steam Store


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