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We’re about a month away from releasing Fictorum, with our plan to release on August 10th!  We have added more events and polish to our game in version 0.9.6, which will be our last major beta release with v1.0 coming soon.

Beta Trailer #2

Greg whipped up a quick trailer showing off some destructive spells in Fictorum.

Fictorum 0.9.6 Beta


Major Change: Event Improvements

The scroll holder isn’t final yet, but this gives a good idea of what our new event window will look like. We’re really happy with how it’s come out.

Also we’ve added a significant amount of new events to Fictorum. This should help give more variety as you play through Fictorum.

Major Change: Visual Effect Improvements

Chip has been hard at work making sure Fictorum looks as good as we can make it and has made some modifications to some of our visual effects.

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Fixed a bug where quest could overwrite critical events
  • Lightning Bolt VFX has been improved
  • Lightning Strike VFX has been improved
  • New VFX for canceled/deflected spells
  • Impulses from the Fictorum’s own spells will not affect him
  • Cooldown reduction works for passive abilities now
  • Improved Corrupted animation blending
  • Improved Incendium VFX performance
  • Removed Mesh from first person
  • Clouds will no longer change rapidly
  • Shadows are lighter, visibility should be good on all weather/times.
  • Credits UI have been improved
  • Glacier VFX have been improved
  • Font size is consistent between history and event window
  • Screen resolution selection has better UI
  • Spell Tooltips have been rewritten to be more concise


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer twitch stream on 7/11 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

Talk to you next time! Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think—Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter below:

We post more fun stuff on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, reddit, and Discord. We’d love to connect with you on any of those platforms!

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