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Hey wizards! We’re releasing our first major patch to fix several bugs found and enhancements requested by our community. The most important of which is Clairvoyance! We have also released the OST for Fictorum on Steam and GOG!

Patch Notes 1.0.6

New Skill:  Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a new skill that all Fictorum have access to.  By holding down the hotkey enemies, quest targets, items, health potions, sentinel towers and nexuses will show up highlighted.

You’ll be prompted reset your keybindings to enable the key binding (default: Left Alt, Right Thumbstick) for Clairvoyance as soon as you open the game.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • The Tutorial has been improved with more information
  • Two new titles have been added into Fictorum.
  • The “invisible wall” on the title screen should no longer appear.  If it still does press alt+enter.
  • Walby Pass will no longer break your saves under some circumstances.
  • Vendors on the world map will have slightly more items and runes available for sale
  • Fixed a bug that would overwrite the character’s inventory in very rare cases
  • Open Inventory tabs will be closed when the screen is closed
  • Character armor will be slightly easier to see against the landscape
  • Weapons will no longer float in the air after a character has been frozen solid and then shattered
  • Indoor quest indicators disappear when the character goes outside
  • No quest added for Nalf’s Peak
  • Glaciers and Rockwall will never damage the Fictorum
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the game from focusing on the Victory screen
  • Falling enemies in ragdoll will never cause damage to the Fictorum
  • Void Projection will drop much more often and will no longer be seen by enemies
  • Perks will immediately be reflected in the character’s attributes after selecting one.
  • Pyromancer, Cyromancer or Electromancer achievements should now be unlockable.
  • Characters can no longer be locked in a ragdoll state
  • Inputs from non-english keyboards and Steam controllers can now be bound.
  • Color from the current character slot is automatically loaded when the game starts
  • Tiny candles have been properly scaled up, even though Greg really wanted to leave them as they were
  • Hardcore and difficulty modes default to last setting of the character slot
  • The shaping menu can no longer be accessed while casting an ability
  • Various typos have been corrected throughout the game
  • Health potions will spawn on a level basis, versus an individual spawn roll per health potion
  • The enchanting tooltip will now properly update for runes while hovering over the Enchant button
  • Starting title, difficulty, and current chapter properly appear on details panel
  • The Ascended should be unlockable now
  • Debris damage has been capped to 300 and is registered as physical damage (therefore, can be resisted)
  • Arrows have been slowed considerably
  • Easter Egg “Rain Down” has been hidden in a level
  • Camera settings are now consistent between the first and third person camera
  • Feared characters will flee their home when the Fictorum is nearby
  • Dash VFX has been improved slightly
  • Added more particle effects to destruction when Effects are set to “Epic”
  • Corrupted Shamblers (the suiciders) have more aggressive AI
  • Enemies should attack a bit more consistently with melee attacks
  • Enemies will not always face the player at far distances
  • The same level should not spawn right next to each other.
  • Maps that are unable to be completed should no longer be generated
  • The shield around the final level will now properly appear
  • A couple of events are now correctly flagged as Starting Events.

OST Released


The Original Sound Track for Fictorum is now available on Steam or GOG.

Track Listing:

  1. Fictorum Theme
  2. The Inquisition Approaches
  3. I Am A Shopkeeper
  4. Inquisition Duel
  5. Requiem For Fictorum
  6. The Inquisition Arrives
  7. Nexus Transport
  8. They’re Here
  9. Down With The Inquisition
  10. Miasma
  11. The Old Tavern
  12. Bandits Attack
  13. Inquisition Scouts
  14. Peaks Among The Clouds
  15. Fictorum In Solace
  16. Spirits In The Fog
  17. Hark The Corrupted
  18. Final Inquisition


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