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Hey wizard friends. It’s been a few months since our last update. We want to take a minute to let you know what’s been going on with our team and Fictorum lately.

We’ve been enjoying a significantly reduced pace and essentially radio silence since v1.0.6 came out in August. In a general state, we’re grateful and proud to have released Fictorum. The feedback has been fair and notably complementary to the work that we’ve done as a small team. Unfortunately, the number of sales of the game drastically limit the “over-the-moon” ideas and enhancements that we would’ve liked to include to expand Fictorum even further. We could no longer afford to keep Leif on to continue creating assets for us and it broke our hearts to let him go. Don’t worry—he has already lined up a gig working for another game development company and as well he should; Leif breathed life into our game with the beautiful props, badass armor, and interesting characters that he created for Fictorum. He was pivotal in changing this project from a development prototype into a full-fledged game and we’ll deeply miss working with him on this project.

We’ve both been asked a couple times (especially by ourselves) if we’ll ever make another game. As it stands right now? We’re not sure. We sank thousands of hours and tens of thousands dollars into creating our dream game which was, arguably, overly ambitious for our first project. We endured a tremendous amount of stress, strained relationships, and missed out on a lot of life while we were working on Fictorum and we’re both deeply tired. If we do create another game, it will be a much smaller and more focused scope and at much more sustainable pace.

All that said—Chip and Greg have been still working on Fictorum. Our primary concern has been getting the game up to Unreal Engine 4.18 to make use of the optimization and improvements to the engine. After a bit of doing, we finally have a working build and are shoring up the last remaining issues from upgrade. Additionally, there are a few main things that we’re looking to get  patched into v1.1 soon:

  • General bug fixes
  • AI improvements
  • New titles
  • More events
  • General polish

Talk to you next time—Thank you for keeping up with us.

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