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About two months until Fictorum releases! We’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks of development and polishing our game, as well as a very successful day of marketing—We created our E3 digital booth and added new mail and leather armor sets.
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We had a huge surprise yesterday. Greg submitted a post with a gif to the Game Physics subreddit yesterday of him playing Fictorum and blowing up a town. What he got in return was an overwhelmingly positive response to our game! We are incredibly grateful for the combination of thousands of upvotes and the comments expressing excitement and interest in our work. Many of those comments were relating to our destructible environment – I want to make sure that we don’t disappoint on that. We’ll be hard at work over the coming months to get our game to an alpha state so that we can share even more with you via gameplay videos. Also, we’ll be putting together an email list in the next few days so that we can keep you posted with our most recent updates.

We can’t wait to get back to work!