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This is just a quick blog post.  It’s late at night, so sorry for bad grammar and lack of editing.

I wanted to have the start location in my games to be randomized among a set of “Player Start” locations that I set in my map.  My quick google searching wasn’t being particularly helpful.  So I figure I’d write up a quick tutorial.

First, go to edit your game mode:



Once there, click on override function for “Choose Player Start” (note that it will be in that list on the right until you click on it).  This will allow you to overwrite the behavior of the “Choose Player Start” function, which normally returns the first Player Start you placed.


Then here is what I did for a simple way of picking between all the player starts on the map at random.

BPSpawn Random


Hopefully someone found this useful!


  1. yeah well the intersting part is not here apparently
    how the fuck do you change the player position ?

      • ScrapingBottomGames
      • Posted December 23, 2017 at 5:36 am
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      You can place a “Player Start” location on the map.

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