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Q: When are you expecting to release?

A: Our official release date is August 9th, 2017.

Q: How much will the game cost?

A: The price will be around $20 USD.

Q: Do you need beta testers?

A: We’re all set right now.

Q: Can I have a press copy to stream/let’s play/blog/write about your game?

A: Most likely! Check out our Influencer and Press pages.

Q: Will you implement modding at any point?

A: This is the first thing that we’re looking into after release.

Q: Any chance of a Mac/Linux/Console port?

A: Only Windows at release, but we’ll look investigate that afterwards.

Q: Will multiplayer or co-op be implemented at release?

A: We have no plans for this right now, but both devs would love to have this in the game at some point.

Q: What are the minimum specs to play?

A: At the very minimum, we recommend:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
  • Core i5
  • nVidia GTX 760
  • 8GB RAM

Q: What engine are you using?

A: We’re using Unreal Engine 4.

Q: Is Fictorum playable with a gamepad?

A: Yes, and it works quite well.

Q: Any character customization or female main character?

A: We would love to have one, but we simply don’t have the budget for a female character. You can see the character customization that we currently have in place here: