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Howdy mages—One more beta patch down! We’ve replaced all of our old destructible castles and towers with brand new ones. Additionally, the amulet slot has been changed to a pauldron slot, allowing for more dynamic characters.

Gameplay Demo

We submitted for PAX West last week and needed a three minute video of unedited gameplay, so Chip put together this video introducing our game!

Fictorum 0.9.3 Beta

Major Change: New Destructible Castles and Towers

All of our levels have brand new castle assets, designed by our own Leif Drace.


Major Change: New Pauldrons Slot

We made the choice to replace all of our amulets with pauldrons. Seeing as how pauldrons actually appear on the character model, we thought this was a much more interesting way to do our itemization. If you have an existing character, your amulets will be changed to either a cloth or plate pauldron.


Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The Grand Inquisitor is now much more challenging
  • Casting animations and transitions have been improved
  • Performance during destruction has been significantly improved—Be sure to turn off Fracture Low Priority Destructibles in the video settings
  • Killing the Grand Inquisitor a few seconds after dying will still count as a victory
  • Sell tooltips will always be shown on runes
  • The Blink ability will teleport the Fictorum into walls and floors much less frequently
  • The Frost Nova visual effect has been improved
  • Warlocks and Liches will hit themselves with their spells less frequently
  • Enemy magic will not be fired with a high arc
  • Feared enemies will move at a minimum 600 movement
  • Male townsfolk will properly get back up from a knockdown
  • Enemy spells will now create decals
  • Lightning Orb projectile collision has been reduced significantly
  • Tooltip for the end location on final chapter is now different
  • The fracture materials have been properly set for the blacksmith, town hall, and lumber mill
  • Fireball explosions will no longer attach to enemies
  • Verellus combat properly opens a level
  • Quest bars will no longer appear over the Inventory screen
  • Dash will now always follow controller direction
  • Logic has been added for the Seek rune to search for a new target if its current target is a destroyed aegis crystal
  • Hangium combat now loads the proper level
  • Spell cooldown is now rounded on spell tooltips
  • Enemy navigation has been improved on bridges
  • Torchlight effects and light will remain active when the character is further away
  • First person will no longer be forced when walking under trees
  • Enemies and townsfolk will no longer spawn on top of carts
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally force first person at the start of a level while playing in third person
  • In-house POV will properly stay in first person
  • Enemies will always aggro properly
  • All area spell emitters will scale for the area of effect
  • The player will no longer be able to use the Dash ability to clip through the world and into buildings
  • Fixed a bug that would show an unattached protect quest emitter in some levels
  • Starting location of a chapter will no longer be a store


Coming Weeks

Greg will be joining Chip in Seattle, therefore, we’re going to shift our developer Twitch stream to be on Monday, 5/22 at 8pm PT while he’s in town. We hope to see you then!

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    • Andres Windham Villafane
    • Posted May 11, 2017 at 10:11 pm
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    I’ve been following you guys for a minute on Reddit. I think you guys have nailed it. This will be a game to remember.

    • Thank you so much—We hope so!

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