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Hello friendly wizards—We have important news for you today! We’ve just posted our release trailer and updated Fictorum to version 1.0.5, which… is our release version, as it is available for purchase on Steam, GOG, and Gamejolt!

Fictorum Released!

After 30 months of development, Fictorum is finally available for sale. You can pick it up on Steam, GOG, and, soon, Gamejolt. The team is relieved to have this hurdle behind us and are now working hard to support the game, respond to comments/feedback/reviews. Thank you very much for keeping tabs on us and all of your support/feedback along the way—it really means a lot to us.

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Steam have been implemented
  • Improved History/Event processing speed
  • Fixed a collision bug with the Town Hall exterior stairs
  • Z and X are no longer bound to non-existant spells
  • Seek, Stun, Efficiency, and Trap runes have final icons
  • The Eternal Winter, Twilight Maelstrom, and Infinite Dragon starting titles can now properly be unlocked
  • Small UI tweaks
  • Bridge Network should spawn more than a few bandits every time
  • Store indicators are much more prevalent on the world map
  • Inventory can no longer be toggled while in an event
  • Copy history to clipboard is now functioning properly
  • All lootable items are removed and destruction essence rewards from houses are disabled when the Inquisition Legion has arrived (because they can take valuables as they please)
  • The Inventory window is automatically closed on New Game menu when the Customize Character window is toggled
  • Fixed a bug that caused collision meshes and visual effects for channeling spells and abilities to erroneously appear
  • Estevot event has been removed from the game
  • The background behind an Event window is now blurred to assist with clarity
  • The mousebound spell will no longer flash when an item is automatically equipped
  • The Stop Projectile targeting mesh will now use a proper cone
  • Additional victory handling has been added
  • Bridge Supports look better when being destroyed
  • Settings button will no longer be cut off on World Map hud at some aspect ratios
  • Final mountains will always have the proper boss events on chapters 4 and 8


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer Twitch stream on 8/22 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

Talk to you next time! Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think—Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter below:

We post more fun stuff on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, reddit, and Discord. We’d love to connect with you on any of those platforms!

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