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About two months until Fictorum releases! We’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks of development and polishing our game, as well as a very successful day of marketing—We created our E3 digital booth and added new mail and leather armor sets.

E3 Digital Booth

Last year during E3, Greg put together digital booth to share our game during the convention, as there was no way that we could afford to go, regardless of acceptance. The post did very well on both Reddit and Imgur. This year, however, our shoestring budget is looking more and more frayed; we still wouldn’t be able to go to E3, so we decided to do another digital booth during E3. We created a gallery in Imgur and submitted it to /r/gaming. To our extreme surprise, this year’s digital booth was wildly successful, putting on the front page of reddit, up to #1 on /r/gaming,  and #1 on Imgur!

UPDATE: A year has passed, and we’re still too poor to attend E3, so we’ve set up another digital booth for Fictorum!

As getting the word out is one of the hardest battles to fight as an indie game developer, this has been a huge victory for our team—We are so immensely grateful for the incredibly positive response that we’ve received from the gaming community!

Fictorum 0.9.5 Beta

Fictorum mail armor

Greg whipped together a new vlog—Check out the latest changes in action!


Major Change: Leather and Mail Armor

Leif has been hard at work crafting fresh sets of leather and chain armor for the Fictorum and enemies to wear.

We wanted to make armor matter a bit more and have made a significant change to itemization in this patch: The heavier the armor, the greater the hit to spell range and speed. We think this is a great choice, providing tougher armor for those preferring to crush their foes at close range.

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The Fictorum will take damage from stationary rubble much less frequently
  • Footstep sound effects will correspond to the material being stepped on
  • History widget processing has been improved
  • Inventory movement processing has been improved
  • Janissaries use a more appropriate animation set
  • Concussion base radial damage has been increased (150 to 250)
  • The slow multiplier of cone of cold has been increased by 200%
  • Castle structures have been dressed with props
  • Removed erroneous echo and trap multiplier from all abilities
  • Damage dealt by Inquisition Janissaries has been reduced
  • Corrupted Assassins are excluded in killed enemies tracking for quest completion
  • The trash panel has been added to the inventory screen and can be toggled using the trash can icon in the bottom left
  • Dash movement will be cancelled if Blink or Vault has been cast
  • Essence will briefly flash red if the player cannot afford an essence transaction
  • Explosion decal lifetime has been increased to 2-3 minutes
  • Plasma Ball’s area of effect properly corresponds to the visual effect
  • The portal emitter on the nexus will not display until the Aegis has been destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused item and rune sell/buy costs to be inaccurate
  • Fixed a bug that caused player spell targeting to collide with a passive shield
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented Corrupted Liches from getting up from a knockdown
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Corrupted Shambler from entering houses
  • Fixed a bug that would allow stove/campfires to persist after the actor was destroyed
  • Fixed a bug on the title screen UI that occur after toggling to the void
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to dash on top of nexus
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent archers and casters from firing occasionally
  • Fixed a bug with the text displayed for healing/damage events in the event choice button icons
  • Fixed a bug that would show the incorrect rune color after dragging and dropping a rune on to a shaping slot


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer twitch stream on 6/27 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

Talk to you next time! Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think—Updates can come straight to you by subscribing to our newsletter below:

We post more fun stuff on TwitterFacebook, YouTube, reddit, and Discord. We’d love to connect with you on any of those platforms!

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