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Two more weeks down and our August release draws closer. We’re proud of the state of Fictorum, especially with the latest patch, which has a new Spellblade melee ability and destructible damage changes!

Fictorum 0.9.4 Beta

Fictorum Spellblade

Greg is back at it with this patch’s vlog. Check out the latest changes in action!

Major Change: New Spellblade Ability

An intrepid Fictorum can encounter the powerful Spellblade ability, enabling the wizard to overpower enemies at close range.

Major Change: Destructible Damage

Consider yourself warned: Falling rubble now deals damage to player in Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties as well! The damage dealt is greatly scaled by difficulty.

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Processing new levels, equipment changes, enemy spawning, and rune/item generation is now completed substantially faster
  • Dash movement has been significantly improved and is much more useful if the player has fallen off the map
  • Frozen spears no longer freeze in midair after colliding with enemies
  • Leather/armor accent colors properly change on plate armor
  • Channeling spell animations are smoother while moving
  • Projectile targeting is not blocked by other projectiles and is blocked by shields
  • Animation skating is reduced
  • Townsfolk no longer count as killed enemies for evil quests after being feared
  • Melee enemies no longer run impossibly fast after being feared
  • Chapter tabs have been added to the top of the History window
  • Cooldown is removed from Phalanx and mana cost is increased by 33%
  • Events are not repeated within a chapter
  • Chimney destroyed materials have been properly set
  • Final levels are no longer randomly selected when encountering the Inquisition Legion
  • Bandit towers have more appropriate destruction SFX
  • Being knocked down while channeling Telekinesis drops the currently held enemy
  • Runes properly populate in stores
  • Jump always responds appropriately
  • Plate helmets have a more appropriate color scheme
  • Bandit tower fences no longer float after destruction
  • Defensive/offensive teleport has been significantly improved
  • Archers no longer draw weapons upon landing
  • Arrows appropriately attach to the closest area hit on a character
  • Enemies are not killed by stationary rubble
  • More character information is included on the Details panel within the Inventory
  • Cloth and plate pauldrons have increased buy/sell values
  • Character skin no longer clips through armor
  • Status bar text properly hides after hovering on the chapter map
  • Hardcore is off by default
  • Gravity well causes enemies to get up at odd times.
  • Characters do not float while getting back to their feet after a knockdown
  • New music has been added for corrupted encounters
  • Higher quality runes have a greater chance to drop in later regions
  • High explosive rune effectiveness is reduced and base spell radii are increased
  • Jump landing animations have been improved

Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer twitch stream on 5/30 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

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