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Though the list is short in this week’s patch notes, the impact on Fictorum is huge! We’ve replaced all of our old destructible houses and props with newly created versions, adding much more life and quality to the game—we are simply thrilled!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Before we dive into our patch notes, we hope that you had a very happy Valentine’s Day! We hope it went much better for you than it did for these poor townsfolk.


0.8.13 Alpha Released!

Fictorum Destructible Houses

Greg put together a quick video explaining some of the major changes of the incoming patch:

Patch Notes

Major Changes

New Destructible Houses

We’ve replaced all of our old houses with the new ones that Leif created for us! Not only do they look better (both intact and destroyed), but these houses have been intentionally dressed to fill the homes with more life, variety, and of course, items.

Defend Missions
We’ve added a new event that allows the player to attempt to defend a town from incoming attackers! You can see this mission in action in the vlog video above.

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The expanding shaping triangle now has an improved material
  • The Fictorum will start with 10 essence in a new game (this amount will vary in the future across the different starting titles)
  • The campfire sound effect on the main menu will no longer be audible
  • Rock Wall will now function properly
  • The Nexus pillar is now more visible and will change to red when the player is on the last location of a chapter
  • Inquisition reinforcements will spawn with less lag
  • The Corrupted Lich will now fire a new spell
  • Fixed a rare bug with the inventory tooltip which would incorrectly show the currently hovered rune
  • Chilling Aura will no longer flicker
  • Candlelight will not be as aggressively culled, caused visual flickering
  • Loot containers (bookshelves, night stands, etc.) will now immediately grant loot upon interacting
  • Enemies in ragdoll will now properly deal damage to destructibles and enemies upon collision
  • Empty rune slots on a runeset will no longer be automatically filled in a new level after being intentionally emptied
  • Multiple projectile spells fired with the Seek rune will attempt to find different targets


Coming weeks

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