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Greetings, fellow wizards! We hope you have been enjoying the new features the team has brought to Fictorum. There is a nice heap of great new stuff to discover in the latest version!

0.8.14 Alpha Released!
Fictorum New Spells

Greg put together another quick video explaining some of the major changes of the incoming patch:

Major Changes

Trees are Destructible

A wishlist item that many of you have relayed to us is the desire for destructible trees. Wait no more: all trees are destructible now! Buildings no longer hog all the fun. Enjoy!


New Runes

  • Nova: Potent rune that vastly increases spell area of effect, but reduces range to zero
  • Echo: Repeats spell’s cast after a short delay
  • Trap: Places a trap at the location, casting the spell once an enemy crosses or the duration depletes

Spells and Abilities

  • Incendium: Does no initial damage, but will always have an echo multiplier of at least one
  • Concussion: An area lightning spell that does low damage, but causes a very high amount of stun
  • Dash: An alternative to Blink, this ability quickly moves the caster in the direction that they are moving


New Titles

  • Coiled Wyvern: Begins with the Incendium tome and the aforementioned Echo rune
  • The Ascended: Only available to those truly worthy can ascend to the power of a god (though it does not ensure victory

New Passives

  • Burning Armor
  • Freezing Armor
  • Flight


Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Stones and bricks added to the sides of roads in the majority of maps
  • Mousing over player health, mana, or stamina bars will show the current and maximum amounts (these can be set to be always shown in the settings menu)
  • Storms no longer spawn on the chapter map
  • Different animation sets used for Rintara and the Grand Inquisitor
  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to occasionally fly off into the heavens while getting up from a knockdown
  • Corrupted liches and warlocks animate properly when casting spells
  • The Corrupted Hulk appears in chapters 5 and beyond
  • The destroy mission objective markers are significantly easier to see
  • Gamepad keyboard is working smoothly for player name entry
  • Rocks and Javelins are properly thrown by inquisitors and bandits
  • Rock Wall functions correctly
  • Arc properly knocks down all enemies in front of the caster
  • Item/Rune drop notifications are easier to see
  • The Lich’s corruption ball has been slowed down by 1/3
  • Enemy captains have improved perception
  • Improvements on the world map town markers
  • Several new events have been added into rotation
  • Stun runes will only spawn as a lodic rune
  • Pressing escape during level load no longer pauses loading
  • Gamepad cursor accelerates much more smoothly
  • Chilling aura is slightly less bright
  • Enemy character skin will be properly shown after being frozen
  • Dying within an event properly causes the choice of “1. End the story” to come up
  • Collision for the nexus pedestal has been improved


Coming weeks

We’ll be hosting our next Twitch stream on 3/7 at 8pm PT—We hope to see you there!

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