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Hey there fellow magicians! It’s been a lighter patch for us as we’ve been working on upgrading our houses and destruction system, but we still have some amazing new magical abilities that we’ve been working on.

0.8.12 Patch Notes

New Magical Abilities

Our latest patch has some major changes to our magical abilities. Ability scrolls can now be found from enemies, events, vendors, and from lootable items (like bookshelves and nightstands).


Additionally, we have three brand new abilities to show off:

Slow Time

An incredibly powerful ability—This will slow the passage of time to one tenth of its speed, but the Fictorum can move normally.



A devastating spell that creates a duplicate of the Fictorum and lures nearby enemies towards it. After a short time, the decoy detonates.


Stop Projectiles

This ability will quickly freeze incoming projectiles in time within a large cone in front of the caster.


Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • (Most) Abilities will now receive benefits from enchanting.
  • Ranged enemies will now properly rotate towards the player before attacking
  • Meteor and area spells now have a drastically increased impacts
  • Blink has improved sound and visual effects
  • The miasma below the mountains on the world map has more visual movement
  • Gamepad icons now appear over spell buttons
  • Many backer names have been added to the character name randomizer


Coming weeks

We have created several new houses with Leif’s new house kit—Over the next two weeks, we’ll be filling them up with props and start replacing our old houses with these great new ones!

We’ll be hosting our next Twitch stream on 2/7 at 8pm PT—We hope to see you there!

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