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Another week has passed; a lot of work has been done. We’ve spent a lot of time improving the look and the performance of Fictorum, as well as adding a few new fun features that we think you’ll love.

Chip has been hard at work replacing animations and meshes of our characters to get them out of purely placeholder status and at least up to an Alpha level. Here’s a taste of the Inquisition, Bandit, and Corrupted characters.

New meshes for the characters in Fictorum

Chip and Greg did a lot of optimization and the game runs much smoother than it ever has.  Here’s a video demonstrating new spells and destructibles.  As a bonus, this is also a new environment Greg finished up.

More screenshots of the environment here:

AI also has been improved, which is going to make the game much more challenging.

Running from an inquisition paladin

ooooh no!!

Chip created a rough design of the final (possibly) ice spell for Alpha: Cone of Cold. He has also improved the frozen effects of spells on enemies, which has made ice spells feel much more deadly and destructive.

Shattering the Inquisition with Cone of Cold

We’re thrilled to have won “Best Looking Project” at the November 2015 Seattle Unreal Engine 4 Meetup! I can’t wait to play around with the new Leap Motion we won!

Also, Leif has been putting the final touches on a new castle kit. We’re always thrilled with the brilliant art that he can produce.

Screen shot of the new castles in Fictorum

Another screen shot of the new castles in Fictorum

Yet another screen shot of the new castles in Fictorum

We want to make sure that we can focus on the little touches of the world as well—Greg has finished with the procedural background mountains that will be placed in maps:

Screen shot of the new procedural background mountains in the game Fictorum

And finally, we got around to adding our game onto IndieDB

IndieDB link for Fictorum

Next Week’s Goals:

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, but Chip and Greg still have a few things in development that they hope to show in the next update.

  • Procedural Castle
  • New environments for the game
  • Improved spell effects


We hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Talk to you all next week.

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