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Alright, we’ll stick to updating this more consistently from now on.

We’re really getting excited about our game—not that we haven’t been already, but it has been really satisfying to see things come together.  I’ll be looking to put together a video/gif soon showing off some of our other spells and destructibles.

If you’ve been following us on twitter (@Scraping_Bottom), you’ve already seen some of the new features which we’ve completed, but here’s everything that we’ve done recently.

Chip has worked on implementing spellcasting animations that work seamlessly with a character’s movement. Check out the Fictorum in action:

Fictorum development of spellcasting animations for our RPG

Greg has perfected the meteor spell, allowing you to clearly see the path it will take before wreaking havoc on the world below.

New meteor targeting on an unfortunate house.


Frost spells got a lot of love this week. We wanted to make sure that those that wield the destructive power of ice feel just as powerful as a spellcaster using any other element.
Here are the two brand-new spells we’ve added to the spell library: Glacier and Hailstorm

 Using the new glacier spell to destroy a home in FictorumTesting the new Fictorum spell, Hailstorm

We’re also very proud to announce that we have added in gamepad support for Fictorum! There’s still much more work to do as far as UI and navigating the 2D map, but a gamepad allows you to fully play in-world and it feels fantastic doing so!

XBOX 360 gamepad controller now usable within the game Fictorum

Other than that, we’ve been working on getting some updated meshes for our AI, so we’re not using random stock that we’ve had lying around.  Let me introduce our new Bandit Archer and Inquisitor Paladin:

New character meshes for the First Person Mage RPG Fictorum


On top of that, you may have noticed that Greg has worked hard to pretty up and improve our website over the last few days.

Next Week’s Goals

The team has bold goals to add the following new features and assets to the game to show off in next week’s development update:

  • New castle walls
  • More character meshes
  • Better character animations
  • Better AI
  • Better destruction performance
  • More foliage
  • Overall cleanup

Have a great week—You’ll be hearing from SBG soon!


  1. The particle effects look really. Even though it’s early days in the game you can see the atmosphere it will have. Good work guys. Looking forward to see it develop.

    This UE4 right? How’s that working out so far?

      • ScrapingBottomGames
      • Posted November 18, 2015 at 1:10 am
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      • Reply

      Yup, UE4 has been amazing to us so far, thanks for checking out the blog.

  2. I have one and only one request:

    Add lasers. The type doesn’t matter, as long as there’s some beams to shoot.

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