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Welcome back, wizards! It’s been a busy few weeks over at Scraping Bottom Games as we crank out new enhancements and fixes to Fictorum. In our latest patch for Fictorum, we’re featuring our new fire beam spell, improved spell decals, and upgraded fire manifestation.

Fictorum 0.9.2 Beta

Fictorum spell decals

Major Changes

Greg put together another vlog where you can see some of the features in action.

Fire Beam

Here’s our latest spell—Fire Beam spreads fire so easily that you can almost write your name with it!

Improved Spell Decals and Effects

Chip wanted to have more visually tangible destruction left behind from spells. We think these new decals and effects absolutely fit the bill!

Improved Fire Manifestation

You might have noticed above that Fire spells with a Manifest rune or a high Manifest multiplier will spread fire based on the radius of the spell—You’ll see a big difference on larger spells like Flame Strike and Meteor.


Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements


  • The weight of destructibles have been increased and will move more realistically
  • Townsfolk fear has been significantly improved
  • Bandit Marksmen bow enchantment effects are now easier to see
  • Loading bars only move forward
  • Accessories (like the Hood and Santa Hat) will always be hidden in First Person
  • Unintentional cameos from other Fictorum will no longer occur on the Title Screen
  • Starting equipment will no longer be shown in Items Found on the Event Window
  • Enemies will no longer make aggro noises while feared
  • The Fictorum will always start a level flying and upright with the Flight passive active
  • The final mountain in the chapter map will be set properly
  • Lumber mill destruction has been improved
  • The pickup radius for health potions has been increased by 25%
  • Slow Time, Telekinesis, Plasma Ball, and Invigorate have new sound effects
  • The Memyr Wilderness will properly lead to combat
  • Leyline coloring on the world map has been changed for visual clarity
  • Item, rune, and essence rewards from events are no longer cumulative if the player quits/returns to the main menu on an active event window
  • The gamepad keyboard for the Character Name entry will properly toggle if the player is using a gamepad
  • Added Concussion to the Veiled Terragon starting title
  • Cone of Cold has been removed from the Frost-bound starting title
  • Flare has been removed from the Starcaller starting title
  • Rune name text in the shaping HUD has been slightly improved
  • History is now properly tracked in the final battle
  • Several bandit levels have been improved and replaced
  • Several hand-placed trees have been removed and will properly fall/destroy
  • Corrupted characters will keep an appropriate attack distance from the Fictorum
  • The Fictorum marker on the chapter map will properly appear at the start mountain
  • The left most tower on the tutorial has been lowered
  • A split second delay has been added before ending chapter to allow the load screen fade in
  • The Inventory button will have a visual highlight when the Fictorum is visiting a store
  • Enemies will better navigate into houses
  • Footstep sounds will not play prior to the level has begun
  • Bound spell text will no longer be shown on item pickup
  • Seek will properly prioritize targets near the target area and will seek new targets if a current enemy target has died
  • Spells fired by storms will be properly attenuated
  • Spread with only one additional projectile spell will still fire one projectile at the initial rotation
  • Incendium cost has been increased
  • Sell tooltips will only be shown for the currently hovered item (and not “Currently Equipped” tooltips)
  • The rest, wait, and next chapter buttons will be hidden while viewing the Inventory on the chapter map
  • Frost Warlocks often hit themselves with their own spell less frequently
  • Lightning Stream will now behave like Fire Beam—only the first target hit will take damage
  • Acolytes will no longer stop attacking
  • The bug tracking menu will properly be removed after ending a level
  • Inquisition enemy spawns past chapter 8 have been capped
  • Stuff in front of the MC forces first person
  • It will now be easier to see at night in desert, swamp, and fall maps
  • The Grand Inquisitor is now more challenging


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another developer twitch stream on 5/2 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

We’ll be updating our maps with the brand new castle set that Leif whipped up. Here’s a preview!
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