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Welcome back, spellcasters! We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from our new beta testers, so there are loads of little changes to Fictorum this week and two big ones: An overhaul to destructible trees and evil quests!

Known Bugs and Future Enhancements

For those interested, we’re making our development progress public. Feel free to check out the upcoming changes to Fictorum and vote on the changes that are most important to you!

Fictorum 0.9.1 Beta

Major Changes

As usual, Greg put together a vlog showing you some of the latest changes to Fictorum:


We’ve been distracted by the terrible look of our trees once destroyed and Chip decided to do something about it. Trees not only look better after being hit by a spell, but they can be used tactically to destroy buildings, enemies, and other trees!

Evil Quests

We’ve decided to start including evil quests into event rotation. Want to purge a town of citizens? Destroy key structures in a village? Have at it! We’ll be adding in more of these types of quests as time goes on.

Evil Quests

Bugs Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Changes to maximum health will keep the player’s current health percentage
  • The third person camera behavior has been improved
  • Character ragdoll weight has been increased by 50%
  • New ability sound effects have been added
  • Spell casting sound effect quality has been drastically improved
  • Movement speed will properly change immediately whenever equipment is changed
  • Clicking Game Defaults on Customize Character screen will reset the accessory and facial hair to hood (or Helmet of Shame on Reese Mode) and beard
  • Treasure Chests will not roll as easily
  • Inquisition Captains will no longer get stuck
  • Health pickups are more or less rare depending on the current difficulty
  • Toggle sprint option added to the Options Menu
  • Toggle shaping cursor option added to the Options Menu
  • Quest indicator visibility option added to the Options Menu
  • Quest progress bar visibility option added to the Options Menu
  • Night levels will be slightly more visible
  • Enemies have a slight scale variation
  • The volume for hard landing sound effects have been reduced
  • Selling items should no longer cause swaps/drags
  • Mana threshold has been nerfed
  • Enemies that are thrown far from the map will be automatically killed in a few seconds
  • Pressing the cancel hotkey no longer closes the keybinding menu
  • Sentinel towers will have an effect when an aegis crystal is charged
  • Corrupted lich spells have had their area of effect reduced. The visual effect size matches the radius
  • Grassy maps will no longer have snowy weather
  • Tooltips have been shifted so that they are no longer hidden by the cursor
  • The Slow Time ability now works properly
  • Returning to a previous chapter will now function properly after beating the Grand Inquisitor or Rintara
  • While sprint is active, stamina is only drained when the character is moving
  • Haven will now properly block javelins, rocks, and arrows
  • Animation skating has been significantly reduced
  • Transition animations to Dash have been improved significantly
  • Enemies properly transition to an attack stance/speed once the player has been spotted
  • Fixed a serious game interface bug for low resolutions
  • Fixed a bug that would change the location of the chapter end mountain once after reloading
  • Almamar has been fixed to progress the event
  • Weather effect lighting will be brighter in general
  • Increased font size on some game interface elements
  • Opening Fictorum for the first time will automatically set the game default character colors and a randomized name for a new character
  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally prevent the The Ascended starting title from being unlocked


Twitch Stream

We’ll be hosting another developer twitch stream on 4/18 at 8pm PT. We hope to see you then! In case you missed last week’s stream, you can catch it here:

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