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Hey there, mages! We’re still hard at work making Fictorum even more fun and polished. Our latest additions have been improvements to our lighting and post processing, a brand new telekinesis ability, new maps, and a new facet to our enchanting and disenchanting system.

Fictorum 0.8.6 Patch Notes

Major Changes

New Ability: Telekinesis

We’re really excited about our new telekinesis ability—Force grip (from the old Jedi Knight games) was one of Chip’s favorite abilities from a video game, so he decided to give it a stab, Fictorum-style.


Telekinesis is one of the most satisfying abilities in the game. There’s nothing quite like grabbing your foe and smashing them into submission or effortlessly flinging them into oblivion.

Imbue and Extraction
Oh, action RPGs… It never fails that the new promising item that you just found ends up being a disappointment, as it was one attribute away from being perfect or it spawned with an ability that is completely useless to you. We wanted to give players a unique way to customize their items with enchanting that was useful and satisfying.

What we came up with was pretty simple—if you find an item with an active or passive ability that you really like (for example, a set of armor with the Reflect passive ability) you can extract that ability from the item and preserve it onto a scroll for later use. The item is destroyed in the process, but you can then use the scroll elsewhere.


New maps
Several new maps have been added for even greater challenge and variety!

New Desert Level

New Swamp Level

Lighting and Post Processing

You may have noticed in the screenshots above that our levels are looking a little different! Previously, our levels were inconsistently, and often poorly, lit. Nearly all of of our levels had no post processing configured, and our lighting props (candles, braziers, torches) were all inconsistent and unnecessarily heavy on the processor. After Leif’s improvements, lighting has been standardized based on the time of day and will use appropriate post processing settings based on the climate and hour, which will give us looking levels that are more visually appropriate for the setting!

Bug fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Shaping is now 40% faster and now has improved UI and SFX
  • UI has been added to interact with doors, loot containers, enchanting tables, vendors, and health pickups
  • Numerous performance enhancements have been made across the board
  • The pursuing Inquisition can now be delayed or hastened by choices made on the world map
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to hit themselves during a spell cast while moving to the back left
  • Improved collision detection for enemies in ragdoll or getting up from ragdoll
  • A bug was fixed where the Next Chapter button would occasionally not appear
  • Ability icons will properly dim based on available mana
  • Character names are capped to 50 characters
  • Blizzard now properly requires mana (buzzkill!)
  • The Stamina Perk will now add 5% movement speed
  • Enemies will better navigate through structures
  • Enemy weapons will no longer be visually affected by auras
  • Fixed a bug where female hair would occasionally not appear
  • The world map is now dimmed when inventory is open
  • The alpha end boss will no longer die from the Miasma
  • Players can no longer win the game if they die shortly before the alpha end boss dies
  • Ragdoll is now disabled while characters are frozen
  • Enemies that are frozen solid should shatter much more consistently
  • Door, loot, and pickup interactions will be destroyed when its parent object is destroyed
  • The Projectile Reflection passive ability has been renamed to Reflection
  • Health/item pickups no longer require looking at item to pick them up
  • Taverns, town halls, and blacksmiths have been properly filled with props and loot
  • Characters in ragdoll will now take fall damage


Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another Twitch stream on November 15th at 8pm PDT. Come check out how Fictorum is progressing or come to just hang out!

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