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Salutations, Wizards! The team has had a good, productive couple of weeks and with it new features to share with you. We’ve been working on a new knockdown system, improved AI, new abilities, and a perks system. Also we’re announcing a partnership with Gamepedia to create a Fictorum Wiki.

Official Fictorum Wiki

Fictorum Wiki

We are proud to announce our partnership with Gamepedia to be the Official Wiki for Fictorum.  Check it out

Fictorum 0.8.5 Patch Notes

Major Changes

Knockdown System

Characters can now be knocked down by the force of your spells without dying.  With this new system, the ragdoll physics for all characters is now greatly improved.


New Abilities


Using the same power that shield the Nexuses, the Fictorum is able to cast an Aegis around himself, making him invulnerable to all damage for a short time.



Shockwave creates a telekinetic impulse around the player which does no damage, but will knockdown all nearby enemies.



A concentrated telekinetic pulse sending enemies in front of the Fictorum flying.



Your blood, sweat, and tears will no longer be spilled in vain as you advance to new chapters! Each chapter, beginning at chapter two, will offer your character a choice of perks to choose from. These will include maximum health, maximum mana, mana regeneration, spell power, and other advantages.

Perk Choices


Improved Foliage

We’ve slightly improved our foliage on all tilesets to make the world a little less barren.


Winter Landscape

Desert Landscape


New Enemy

The Corrupted Assassin has replaced the Corrupted Hulk in our lineup.  Watch out—The corruption has made this enemy almost invisible! He’s fast and he hits hard.


Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • The Next Region button will now properly display when on the chapter end location
  • The chapter end location effect is much more visible
  • Item drop notification effect is improved
  • Rings with abilities will have a higher essence value
  • Corrupted within Miasma Storms will have more items
  • Corrupted Liches will spawn more often
  • Corrupted AI has been tweaked and should respond more quickly to the player
  • Archers in towers will be killed when towers are destroyed
  • Projectiles properly bounce off of the Aegis
  • Area spells have been rebalanced
  • Weather effects for Miasma Storms will now appear in-level
  • New animations have been added for the Fictorum casting and turning in-place
  • Frenzy particle emitters have been improved
  • A Full Heal option been added to the Vendor
  • The bottom level of the Blacksmith now has the possibility for items and is accessible on many different maps
  • Enemies will better respond to a projectile impact direction


New Spell Showcase Video

We also created an updated Spell Showcase video that you can watch here:



Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another Twitch stream on November 1st at 8pm PDT. Come check out how Fictorum is progressing or just to hang out!

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