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On we go into February! In this dev update, we’ll be showing you two new, highly destructive spell runes, improved building destruction, and our further improved landscape texture materials.

New Spell Runes

Chip created two brand new spell runes for our spell shaping system. They are:

Chain ReactionChain Reaction spell runes

The spell leaps from target to target, causing damage to each one hit.


Fictorum Spread spell runeSpread

This rune evenly spreads projectiles in front of you and will allow you to take out clustered groups of enemies at any range.

Though we tested these with our fireball spell, the new spell runes will work with any projectile spell in the game.

Destruction Improvements

Chip went to town on our destructible buildings, and then destroyed that town.

Pieces of our buildings stick together more realistically now, as opposed to the previous destruction system that had each piece completely shattering at once when hit. We still have more work to do, but for now, we’re really happy with the level of realism in our game’s destruction.

Landscapes and Levels

Greg spent his time further improving the performance of the landscapes, and adding a new green landscape.

Fictorum Verdant Improved Landscape Material

Fictorum Dark Map Improved Landscape Material



The team as been implementing Leif’s newly created props into the world. All of the pieces below can be placed in our buildings and are fully destructible!

Fictorum Prop Actors

New Buildings

Leif is in the process of improving the artwork of our structures in game. Here are a few teasers of what’s to come:

Fictorum bricks

Fictorum blacksmith

The end result will be seamless buildings that have significantly improved destruction. We can’t want to try it out!

Next Week

  • Greg plans to tweak item rewards.
  • Chip plans to write more text events
  • Leif is hard at work on creating a custom smithy

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