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Another week down and yet more polish to Fictorum! This week, we’ll be showing you our improved landscape textures, new destructible structures, sound and visual effect improvements, and props to fill our game.

Improved Landscape Textures

Greg has been making use of the amazing Landscape Auto Material tool for Unreal Engine 4 to drastically improve our landscape materials. We are absolutely thrilled with the results!

Fictorum Improved Landscape Texture

Fictorum Improved Landscape Texture

Fictorum Improved Landscape Texture

Structure Improvements and Additions

Townhouse Variations

This week, we added some variations to our initial townhouse, which will make our castle and village settings look unique and more interesting.

Fictorum Townhouse

Bandit Structures

Chip had a good bit of fun making a few bandit structures to populate our procedural bandit camps. Making houses and castle structures requires precision, so making some haphazard, half-assed bandit structures was a welcome reprieve. Here are the the bandit workshop, chieftain hut, and outhouse:

Fictorum Bandit Structures

Fictorum Bandit Outhouse

Most notably, the bandit outhouse has a hideous helmet (one of the first items our developers ever created) as a chamber pot and a random weapon stuck in the wall. You never know when you’ll need it.

Sound and Visual Effects Improvements

Weather Sound and Visual Effects

We focused on our Miasma Storm last week—now, we have several different types of weather fully implemented into our game!

Lightning Sound Effects

Ice Blast Visual Effects



Thankfully, we now have new arrow audio. It no longer sounds like footsteps when arrows are landing around you. Chip was so excited about this that he quickly made this crummy mini-game involving archers that will never be playable.


Leif just finished with a huge kit of props to fill our towns—We can’t wait to put them to use!

Fictorum Props screenshot

Next Week

  • Greg plans to tweak landscapes a bit more
  • Chip plans to fill our structures with the newly created props and work on spell runes and effects
  • The team plans to make some overall adjustments to make gameplay more balanced and enjoyable


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