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Hello there, spellcasters! The holiday festivities are in full swing, but the team has remained focused, hard at work, earning their feasting and wassail by bringing fantastic new improvements and enhancements to the latest version of Fictorum.

Happy Holidays!

holiday spells

We’re bringing the Holiday cheer in Fictorum style!



Fictorum 0.8.9 Patch Notes


Major Changes

Christmas-Themed Spells

As shown above we’ve added and improved our Christmas-themed spells.  We have hidden these spells on some of the snowy levels as Easter Eggs.  You now can find Frosty, Candy Cane and Christmas Tree spells in-game.

Performance Improvements

We’ve upgraded to 4.14.1 and made several optimizations to Fictorum that will significantly boost frame rate and reduce freezing, providing a smoother playing experience.

If you happen to experience worse performance, shadows are the single biggest hit on our game, and setting to “Low” will give you the best performance.

Targeting Improvements

Spell targeting for area and projectile spells are much more predictable, performs more accurately, and is easier to see. Additionally, extremely close-range targeting has improved greatly.


Bug fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • Rintara now drops a guaranteed rare ring and a significant amount of essence once defeated
  • There are visual improvements to the Game Over screen and final history entry
  • Leyline effects on the chapter map have been improved
  • Storm Manifestation damage was largely reduced
  • Camera shake will trigger properly with more frequency
  • Fixed a visual bug with post processing in verdant map levels
  • Fixed a bug where the options menu could not be opened in the title screen
  • The flickering frozen spear trail effect is fixed
  • Fine-tuned the ice blast emitter GPU performance
  • Enemies will path around a glacier spell with some improvement
  • Runes within a runeset now revert to the correct color after a drag-drop event
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented toggling between the main menu to a level
  • The Fictorum now properly receives Miasma damage when standing in the Miasma
  • The Victory screen now incorporates the new History screen
  • Spell effects are applied before damage now, allowing for more varied and dramatic deaths
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a player from receiving item/rune rewards from events just prior to going to the next chapter
  • The player token in the World Map should now move at a more consistent speed
  • Enemies that are frozen solid will no longer block the camera


Coming weeks

Chip will be rejoining Greg on the Twitch stream after a month’s hiatus on 12/27 at 8pm PT! We hope to see you there.

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