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Greetings, fellow spellcasters! We’ve got a lot of fun stuff to talk about in this week’s update. We’ll show you a new spell (and improvements to some old ones) that we’ve created for our own favorite wizard, our new town hall, official announcements for our Kickstarter, and general updates about the game.


Spells Befitting a Wizard:
Our Game’s Spell Showcase

We’ve posted loads of videos, gifs, and images of spells from our video game over the last year, and several of them have received updated visual and sound effects, tweaks, and improvements since. We aim to create a truly great wizard game and we feel that this video is a fantastic example of the powerful spells that you’ll have at your disposal.

Kickstarter Announcement

We have a very important announcement for our game: We will be launching the Kickstarter for Fictorum on 6/21/2016! We have been working very hard to get the game ready and are excited to have nearly reached this tremendous milestone.

Fictorum Wizard Video Game Kickstarter

New Town Hall

It always feels like Christmas morning when we get new artwork from our 3D environmental artist, Leif. He’s just whipped up a new town hall for us, and we put it to the test in this video.

Tutorial Level

We’ve recently finished a basic tutorial level for Fictorum, as well. We plan to have Chip add some voice-overs which will add a bit more polish to the level, but it does a great job of introducing spellcasting and spell shaping, key features to understand when first playing our video game.

Fictorum Tutorial

Here’s a quick video of Greg playing through the level:

Bugs Fixed and Successful Build

We mentioned in our last post that we were having some serious issues with the upgrade to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. We’ve since worked through all of the bugs associated with the update and are thrilled to get back to work. We’ve also fixed numerous other bugs within our game and have compiled our latest version, which runs smoother and has more features than any previous version. Hooray!

Coming Weeks

We’ll be hosting another Twitch stream on Tuesday, May 3rd at 8pm PDT. Come check out how Fictorum is progressing!

Here’s the docket for the next few weeks:

  • Another round of polish
  • Complete the wizard’s in-game model
  • Add new levels and text-based events

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