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We have some really big announcements for update #17. We’ll be talking about our latest build, in-game map improvements, new partners and assets, and a run-down of our latest Twitch stream.

Countless Bug Fixes –> Friends and Family Build

We’ve been working very hard to fix bugs and make the tiny improvements to polish our game (things like audio balancing, texture improvements, enemy spawning issues, to name a few) and it shows; Fictorum is now stable, playable, and pretty fun! We’ve sent our build out to a few of our fellow gamers to get their feedback on how our game feels and how it performs on a variety of machines, which will make the game all the better.

In-Game Map Improvements

We recently realized that our world map, which was previously 2D, had a long way to go visually before we could call it complete; The game map is a pretty important part of our game, so it deserved an overhaul.

The new camera angle, 3D mountains, fog material, improved map texture, and lighting now make this aspect of our game much more visually appealing and engaging.


We’re very happy to announce that we have signed a contract to work with Rainfall to do our sound effects, music, and UI for our game! As they have been involved in a variety of high-profile projects, we are thrilled and honored to have the talent and experience that they bring to the table.

Twitch Stream

Our first stream started a little bumpy—we’ll make sure we have our audio set up correctly next time—but it was a success!


Energy Maelstrom

We’ve created a new ability in-game that allows the Fictorum to quickly regenerate lost mana.

Item Tooltip Improvements

We’ve improved the look of our item and rune tooltips so that their statistics are displayed cleanly and in a more appealing manner.
Fictorum Inventory Tooltip

Twitch Stream

We are planning our second stream for Tuesday, 3/22, at 8pm PDT on our Twitch channel—give us a follow and tune in Tuesday night.

Coming Weeks

Tune in for our stream next Tuesday and we’ll send out another update in two weeks!

Here’s what we’re planning on working on in the meantime:

  • Further improvements to the history feature
  • Add tutorials and tips for key aspects
  • Add difficulty setting
  • Reduce load times

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