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Another week down, another few changelogs into the depot. We’ve improved our in-game history, written a blog post explaining one of our major features, created a new level, started a new character model, and have written a ton of text-based events in the past week.


In-Game History

Last week, we mentioned that we were laying the groundwork in order to get a major feature, the in-game history, up and running. With a great amount of work from Greg and a tiny amount from Chip, the game now tracks information about the playthrough.

To see it in action:

We’ll enter our a character name on the title screen as we’re starting a new game:

Fictorum In-Game History Character Creation

And then we’ll go through a few events and levels.

Fictorum In-Game History Event

Bringing up the history later, you can see how all of that information is tracked as the story unfolds, along with other information like:

  • The player character’s current title (this will be based on several different conditions, a few examples being: taking a lot of damage, killing a high percentage of enemies or innocents encountered, casting a high amount of fire spells, etc.).
    • This piece isn’t finished yet: We’ve selected 80+ titles that we’d like to use and are tracking the majority of the information that we need in order to award them.
  • How the player handled certain events (Did they fight their way through a location or did they just try to quickly jump ahead?)
  • Significant damage to or death of the player character

Fictorum In-Game History UI

Major Feature Blog Post: Spell Shaping System

Chip dived into our spell shaping system and wrote up a comprehensive blog post thoroughly introducing the feature and all of the pieces that affect it. He also talks about his not-so-secret desires of wanting to be a badass wizard.

Character Model Design

We’ve alluded to the Corrupted before as the twisted, terrible creatures brought with the Miasma storms in our game setting, now we are creating custom character models for them. Azima has been working on our Corrupted warrior and has been doing a fantastic job of bringing the creepiness of the character to life. We can’t wait to have them in-game!

Fictorum Corrupted Warrior Face

Fictorum Corrupted Warrior Skin

Text-Based Events’ Additions and Improvements

Previously, our text-based events had been really inconsistent in the use of tense, writing style, and quality. This week, Chip standardized and purged every one of our existing events and wrote multiple brand new ones! It’s quite nice having such an important feature of our game being brought back up to snuff.

New Level

Greg created a brand new dark, verdant level for the game.

[Fictorum New Level

Blacksmith Progress

Leif is continuing his work on updated textures and a bigger, better blacksmith building.

Blacksmith WIP Blacksmith WIP

Next Week

  • Greg hopes to work on awarding titles, as well as other improvements within the in-game history
  • Chip plans to write even more events and possibly another blog post on a game feature
  • Chip also hopes to improve several spell shaping runes

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