Frequently Asked Questions

When was release?
August 9th, 2017

Where can I buy it when it releases on August 9th, 2017?
Steam; or GOG

How much will the game cost?
$20 USD

Will there be any multiplayer?
No multiplayer. We are concentrating on a single player experience.

What platforms will you be releasing on?
The game is available for Windows. We are currently working on a Mac and Linux build.

How will the character progress?
Currently the Fictorum gains more power by finding items, new spells and perks along his journey.

So I can play a god-like, badass mage… where’s the challenge in that?
God-like, but still mortal. The idea is that your health is a precious resource, it will not regenerate over time like in most modern games and you will have to be healed. While killing groups of enemies, it's imperative that you handle each situation tactically so that you don't take much damage while you do so.

Will you support gamepads?

Will there be friendly NPC’s in your game, escort missions, or companions?
No friendly NPCs you'll interact with. There will be the occasional mission to protect the townsfolk or buildings.

Can I help in the development of the game?
We're currently fully staffed, but thank you for your interest.

Can I make a Let’s Play, live stream, or review your game?
If you'd like to request a copy please e-mail